Product Range

We manufacture and design all our products if that is not enough we even put it through the test to ensure Quality.


Happy Customers

In the manufacturing Industry we strive to ensure our clients are 100% satisfied with the product that we delivered.


Unique Designs

Every now and then we get a unique request it is our vision to deliver the best we can always trying to exceed all expectations.

The best way we do business is to do it with quality.

S A Glazing founded in 1945 started producing insulators and ceramic components of all sectors of industries which had previously been imported.
Acquiring 100% of (then part of Cullinan Holdings) in 1997 marked the turning point for now called SA Industrial Ceramic Supplies CC t/a SAG Ceramics as it started to manufacture as a sole standing enterprise in the production of porcelain.
Today we are the Leaders in Power Line manufacturing in Southern Africa. We cater for the superior quality customers in supplying porcelain Insulators, Heating Bobbins, Bushings, and Tubes etc. It has become a serious demand for our customers looking for Higher Standard Insulators and Better Quality product in which we specialized in.
All our porcelain products and Insulators are manufactured as per IEC & SABS standards and specifications. We also manufacture as per our customers special design and requirements. All our batches are electrical tested on site in our testing lab and stamped as approved before dispatching.

Safe and Friendly

Here at SAG Ceramics our products are safe and Environment friendly as we see mother nature as one of our clients.

IEC/SABS Standards

All our products get tested to ensure that IEC standards are kept. Our products are also SABS approved just to provide a little more comfort.

Vast Variety

We offer a vast variety of products that should meet any need that you have. Contact us and let us supply you with the product that you need.

This is our goals.

Goals are always important, here at SAG Ceramics we set out to meet all the goals whether they are Client goals, Internal goals or just goals to cheer up the work force.
Below is some stats of your goals that we set out to beat. Sometimes we win and other times it just takes longer. Quality over Quantity.


Product Success

We always deliver what is expected by ensuring all measurements and dimentions are correct.
We will supply a sample to ensure that all parties are happy with the product.


Cum laude

All our products pass our testing station
(The only one on the African Continent) and 92% of our products are well equiped to handle more load. We also have our very own enigineering workshop on site.



We cater for a vast range of products. To successfully do this we need alot of knowledge at all our departments. As each product is different and has different parameters it is our job to ensure that we know of all the variables.



We strive for a 10% growth rate each year as we would like to employ more people and welcome them to the family.

Our Amazing Range of products

Our product range consists of some 2000 items and is ever growing as new products are required and some existing designs are superseded. Behind every SAG Ceramicsproduct is the specialist skills of staff that, through their collective talents and experience, produce electrical components and fittings that rank amongst the world’s best, designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of international standards and subject to the most stringent Quality Control.

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